Task-Centered Economy Vs People-Centered Economy

Well, let me begin this by asking you a very simple question.

Suppose you have a house help named “B” whose main task is to do dish washing, one day you meet your friend who keeps on singing about this dish washing machine that you should buy to help you do the dish washing. You buy the machine and come with it at your home place.

Now you have your employee and the machine. Would you keep the two of them or you will choose one and “dump” the other?

The answer to this question will be give you a difference between Task-Centered Economy and People-Centered Economy.

Some people would choose to have the dish washing machine and tell “B” good bye and good luck in your endeavors while others would consider keeping “B” and the machine and tell “B” lets be more productive.

Remember we have three aspects here: The machine – which does dish washing, the employee – who does dish washing as well and the dish washing itself. The machine and the person are Entities while dish washing is a Task. The two entities are treated differently in the two economies.

In a Task-Centered Economy (TCE)- Mostly we care more about the task rather than the people. So the person who chooses to replace a human being/person with a machine is living in a Task-centered economy while in Person-Centered Economy (PCE) we care more about people than machines and in this economy an employee would rather have the machine help the person do the work.

With TCE, you lower the cost and increase the efficiency by replacing people with machine which becomes some sort of saying of I prefer machines to humans.

With PCE – we value our people and we find out ways in which we can improve their process of doing things. This will reduce cost and increase efficiency as well in the long run.

Take for example in a software development environment, you have a team of 10 programmers who are supposed to deliver two projects within 5 months. In project A, you know a tool that if bought, would speed up the development of that project and hence fast delivery. In project B, you don’t have any best tool you can adapt to while developing and hence would require a lot of time for development. Most employers would consider letting the programmers use the tools that they have – which is also not bad, while others would buy the tool right away. In the two cases, buying a tool to speed up the process would be PCE which is the best option in a good economy while arguing that, your programmers should do everything by themselves and no purchase of that tool would mean that you don’t value your employees.

By the purchase of the tool, you speed up both projects delivery because an extra time that will be replaced by the tool would mean much concentration on project B.

To conclude, I would suggest we live in a People-Centered Economy. We should not let machines replace us as for the case in Task-Centered Economy. Technology is there to make work easy but not to replace people completely.