Hi 👋I'm Boniface.

A kick-ass Software Engineer which 7+ years of experience building internet products.

I come from a small town in East Africa called Kitui which is located in the lower eastern parts of Kenya ⊸ Google Map. There are bunch of things you can do there but climbing Nzambani rock should be your first priority.
There are myths that claim that when you go round this rock seven times, your gender changes automatically. If you were a man, you become a woman and vice versa.


Back to who I am.

I am technically a developer but usually wear different hats in the course of the day. For instance,

  1. 💹I once hired a sales and marketing guy for some high-touch startup I am running who ended up surpassing my expactations.😜
  2. I am all round product creator. For all the products I have launched, sold, shutdown and planning to execute, I technically do everything until it gets some traction. This ranges from drafting business model canvas, preparing low cost marketing strategies to simple branding materials and the actual product coding.đŸ˜ŗ
  3. I am really good at evaluating products when it comes to paying for them.

What I am into these days.

  • I am obsessed with bootstrapped SAAS products; Infact I am planning on building 3 MVPs in 3 months before I turn 30 on september. One of the craziest things I think I have ever tried... 🙆‍♀ī¸
  • I really really love remote work model.

Some facts about me

  1. I had poor computer studies scores in high school
  2. I was really good at maths in high school. Infact I thought my career will be fully into this but fell in love with programming.
  3. I developed my first software when I was working as a cyber-cafe attendant in my home town after high school
  4. I once travelled 4,000KMs by bus between 2 countries in 5 days.🚌
  5. I don't believe in "Be a Machine learning expert in 2 weeks" or "I did this online course for 2 months and got hired in this super fancy company and Iam earning 6 figure salary."